Skype… the self out-doers!

First it was VOIP, then the lie detector (which hasnt been realeased as of yet), now near high definition TV!

The expansion of Skype continues: Skype founders are close to launching a global broadband television service offering “the best of the internet with the best of TV”. Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström said the service, codenamed The Venice Project, will offer “near high definition programmes” which users can personalise or discuss with others. Unlike other video-on-demand websites like YouTube, the Venice Project will offer channels and “high-quality and full-screen video”, Friis told the Financial Times.

He said that the peer-to-peer technology used in the service would make it possible to serve “tens of millions of users”. A source close to Warner Music confirmed that it was using the service to create channels for some of its artists, including Paris Hilton. The service is expected to launch next year. It has reportedly attracted a few big-name channels, but the company would not dislose its partners. For users to access Skype’s IPTV service they will be required to download the software, giving them access to a menu screen which can open programmes, fast forward, rewind, and pause. Sharing and commentary services will also feature as part of the new service. I feel this could reach a nice portion of popularity…

Source: [withheld]


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