Back to school [sigh] / Would you consider switching to a Mac or Linux (because of Vista)?

Here I/we go again, back to school. Its kind of a pain. Today was a wasted day altogether. I did nothing except talk random sh*t with Amit and Jaineil and the form teachers. I have a feeling it’ll be as such for quite a few days now. Well, can’t do much can I?

Just a while ago I read a post on Jeff Ventura‘s blog about a poll on Gawker. Here are the full details:

Q: Will Vista be the reason you switch to a Mac or Linux?

For the results you better click below, yeah lazy person/shagpile

So now that you have clicked to read on here are the results – as of the date stamped on the footer of the results.

Will Vista be the reason you switch to a Mac or Linux?


Yup. If I’ve got to upgrade my PC to use all of Vista’s new features, why not just buy a Mac?

 19.4% (1089 votes)

Nah. It might be a pain sometimes, but I know Windows and I’ll stick with it.

 18.7% (1052 votes)

I don’t have a choice. I’ll upgrade to Vista because I’m in an all Windows house/office and switching would just be impossible.

 6.0% (337 votes)

I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade to Vista yet.

 29.6% (1663 votes)

I’ll never use Vista, and I couldn’t be happier to be Windows-free!

 26.4% (1485 votes)


5626 total votes. results as of 01/23/2007 12:51:36 am.


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