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Fintel To Cover Fiji Islands With WiMAX Using Alvarion’s BreezeMAX™

January 9, 2007

FINTEL finally decided to introduce their own broadband service. Currently, FINTEL sells bandwidth from the Southern Cross Fibre-optic cables to ISPs in Fiji (Unwired Fiji and Connect) and as a result the prices are high. Hopefully with their own ISP, FINTEL will be able to provide faster and cheap internet and data servives. Named Kidanet (pronounced as ‘keen-da-net’) ; meaning a new dawn (or sometthing like that). FINTEL has chosen the WiMAX wireless standard for their network. While details are sketchy, FINTEL has partnered with Alvarion, using their WiMAX Certified™ platform: BreezeMAX™. The equipment is said to be provided through Paclink, an Australian based I.T. company who is also a partner of Alvarion. Here is the press release on the Paclink website.